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The Mortgage Process

Our job is to make the mortgage process as seamless as possible. Thankfully, we are experts in the loan process. The loan process is broken up into 6 parts:
(1) The Documentation Stage, (2) The Appraisal Stage, (3) The Underwriting Stage, (4) The Conditional Approval Stage, (5) The Clear-To-Close Stage, and finally the (6) Closing Stage.


We will thoroughly go through each stage with you, but in the mean-time, feel free to browse each stage below to get a general idea of the process.

01 Documentation



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During The Documentation Stage you are the most important player on the team. As quarterback of the documentation stage, there are a few critical documents we will be asking you to hand off. These documents include:
1. W2’s – From the last 2 years 
2. 1040 Federal Tax Returns – From the last 2 years 
3. 2 Most Recent Paystubs 
4. 2 Most Recent Bank Statements – All pages 
5. Copy of your drivers license
During this stage, it is critical that you don’t change any aspects of your financial picture. This means: No Major Purchases (e.g. Purchasing furniture for you new home) No Applying for New Credit (e.g. Obtaining financing for Car) No Change in Employment (Please Don’t Quit Your Job!)

02 Appraisal